From: Christina Gurner, <>
Date:   Sunday, December 7, 2003, 08:03
To:   Rupert Giles
Subject: Re:  Whispering Pine's Geomystical properties 

Dear Rupert,

I hope you are well and have found no long term negative impact as a result of your castings this week.  Elspeth told me the entire story and we are all very grateful that you and Buffy were able to send the giant home without anyone being injured.

Regarding your question on the geomystical properties of Whispering Pines, yes, it is a recorded magickal energy source, part of the Kalanian line that flows through the Pacific Northwest, but its never been known as an exceptionally strong one.

This natural pool of magickal energy is one reason Elspeth was drawn there.  But to the best of our knowledge, its only natural magic, good for growing plants and aiding the healing arts.  Its never been a huge energy pool (such as the dark energy you are familiar with from the Hellmouth), but its been a steady and constant resource and has never been known to flucuate in reaction. 

I believe you know that the Kalapuya were the original inhabitants of the area.  
Spirit or Dream Power was central to Kalapuya spirituality and I am sure they drew (knowingly or unknowingly) from the energies there. Adolescents often sought powers during solitary five-night quests at known power places.  During a quest, an aspirant fasted and worked all night, typically by swimming, keeping up a fire, and piling up rock, brush, or earth at the power place.  A power, if it came, usually appeared in animal likeness, during a dream following the vigil.

The Kalapuya held the animal spirits in high regard.  I believe the wolf was one of the more powerful of their spirits.  You might ask Elspeth for more information on that.  

I do not think we should ignore the possibility that the phenomena currently being experienced in WP is directly related to the area.  It is likely that something has happened there which is effecting the magickal status quo. This change could be geophysical; some shift in the earth that upset the natural balance of the magicks. Or the change could have more ominous overtones, if the Dark Magicks are involved.  And, Rupert, I hesitate to say this, but you will surely have already thought of it yourself....this may somehow be related to your own move to Whispering Pines.  I do not know if Willow's powers, your own, or something to do with the changes in the Slayer conditions might be a factor, but it cannot be ruled out.  

Please let me know how we might assist and if you discover anything else, please let me know immediately.  

Blessing on your house,

PS.  I am told that you have seen quite a bit of Jo recently.  I would be so pleased if you've finally found someone to make you happy.  



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