From: Rupert Giles
Date:   Wednesday, November 12, 2003, 23:54
To:   Christina Gurner <>
Subject: New Email address 

My dearest Christina,

I know the Coven has been on the "internet superhighway" for sometime and I guess I must finally join you.  Willow has created a new email account for me, and I kindly request that you make no comments regarding the so called "service provider's" name.  There is little enough service to be had from the organization, but unfortunately, it seems to be the only high speed provider in town.  

As you've surely heard from Elspeth by now, I will be staying in Whispering Pines for the foreseeable future.  Your sisters here have been so incredibly warm and welcoming, thank you again for introducing us.  The changes in Buffy after her time in the garden have been nothing short of miraculous, and she's actually now found a job at a local nursery as a result.  It's been a wonderful experience for her.

I will continue to work with the Council and the coven here and I fear you can expect many more emails from me in the future as we continue to locate and gather the new Slayers for support and training.

Until I see you again, you have my warmest regards,


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