From: Rupert Giles
Date:   Tuesday, January 13, 2004, 14:07
To:   Lord Percy, Watcher's Council <>
Subject: Re:  Happy Birthday to Buffy 

Dear Percy,

Thank you for your message to Buffy.  I will pass it on.  I hope it helps.  She seems determined not to enjoy her birthday, although I find every day with her a miracle.  When I think of what she has survived, I am nearly speechless with wonder.  While I appreciate your thoughts of me as well, I feel the credit must go to Buffy.  She is the strongest person I have ever known.  

If you consider what all the single Slayers had to go through, facing the demons every night while still but children, it is overwhelming enough.  But when I consider what else Buffy has survived:  losing her mother, taking on a sister created from whole cloth (or magical energies as it were), dying not just once, but twice, and all the while, averting apocalypse after apocalypse, it amazes me that she can be still so vibrant and loving!  She has matured, cow-noises aside, into the most wonderful young woman I could imagine.  I am glad that the Council is finally appreciating the miracle that is my Buffy.


PS.  I seem to be having some computer problems now, so I am glad the message got through.  The spam is becoming so thick, that it is almost impossible to use the system.  I may need to change my address.




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