From: Lord Percy, Watcher's Council <>
Date:   Tuesday, January 13, 2004, 09:44
To:   Rupert Giles
Subject: Happy Birthday to Buffy 

Dear Rupert,

Would you please pass on the congratulations and best wishes from the entire Council and from me personally to Buffy upon her reaching her 23rd birthday?  It is a tremendous event, so rarely marked.  I believe the last Slayer to see 23 was over 200 years ago.  

We have arranged for flowers and a small gift, but I fear they may be late.   We trust she will not consider that a disaster.  We do not want anything to mar today for her.  (Which is why I am asking you to convey the message to her at an appropriate moment.  I somehow think she would not appreciate a call from me.  The last time she answered the phone when I was trying to reach you, she joined her sister in 'mooing' at me.  I hope that she is maturing as she ages.)

In any case, I am sure she will have a joyous day, appropriate for this momentous record.


PS.  Rupert, my congratulations to you as well.  We all know that Buffy would not be here today if it were not for your efforts as her Watcher.  You have done well, my friend, and I hope that you will celebrate many further birthdays with your Slayer.




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