From: Rupert Giles
Date:   Monday, December 29, 2003, 13:36  
To:   Lord Percy, Watcher's Council <>
Subject: Thank you for the many calls 

Dear Pisspot,

Thank you for the many calls....  You do know of course, that if you called less, I'd have more time to write.  

I appreciate the good wishes for Christmas and return them.  Ours was, as usual, slightly less relaxing as I would have hoped, but we were together and all was well in the end, so I am content with that.   However, if you have a moment, please ask the Council Librarian to forward on to me any reference to "Mud Monsters" or animated dirt and similiar such creatures and events.  

I will try to write more often, but I am also busy preparing for my new position at the University and am also researching the still misbehaving magics here in the Whispering Pine areas.   And since I'm sure you'll be making one of your calls very shortly, I'll not worry about typing too many details.  I do appreciate the enormous funds the Council has available, but must you spend so much of them in constantly calling me? 




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