Subversive Group:    VirtuaLunatics

Subject Name: GilesFan

Other Aliases: GF, TonyComeBack

Location: Airports around the World

Writing Status: Not very talented but aggressively pushes others to create. Author of bad poetry. Known to create "videos" of questionable subject matter.

Noted Titles:

  • Fic: "Seasons in Rhyme"
  • Fic: "Lessons Learned at Last" (with fellow Lunatic Miss Witch)
  • Video: "Underneath Your Clothes" (pornographic material?!?!)
  • Video: "Sweet Addiction"(should be viewed to understand extent of conspiracy)
  • Video: "What Might Have Been"
  • Video: "Seasons in Song"
  • Video: "When Its Over"
  • Video: "Another One Bites the Dust"


  • Video Elite Award of Excellence -- "Sweet Addiction"
  • Attic Space Fic of the Month -- "Lessons Learned at Last"
  • Moments In Time Video Award -- "Underneath Your Clothes"
  • Touch My Soul Video of the Year -- "What Might Have Been"
  • SOGA nominations and awards in several rounds -- winners include "What Might Have Been" and "When It's Over" 

Known Haunts:

Special Abilities: Can find a BG twist to almost any song, betas smut without blushing, can find internet access almost anywhere in the world.

Other Subversive Activities/Crimes against nature: Original Trekker, another subversive group we've been concerned about, international traveller who is hard to locate, may appear anywhere in the world at any time. Was known to be stalking a man coded as "ASH" at Fedcon.

Current Known Subversive Associates: Gabriele Schulz, Gail Christison, GilesFan, Gileswench, Jessie, Koala, Miss Witch, Tara, Weez, Wickedfox.

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