University of Oregon Satellite Campus of...

Building 1:  
The Baldwin Center for Medical Science near the lake.

The perfect spot for a romantic picnic between long as nothing freaksome emerges from the water.

Building 2: 
The play's the thing at JK Gurner Auditorium.
Building 3: 
The English Department makes its home here in Christison Hall.

Building 4: 
As painful as the concept is to Giles, this very modern building is where the History Department is housed. He'd really prefer something with a look more in keeping with the subject matter, but the JA MacDonald Institute of History and Archeology will simply have to do.
Building 7: 
The Astronomy department is in the oldest building on campus...and the most remote. Fox Observatory is popular with local photographers as well as students of the stars.

 The student union and the bookstore can both be found in the MD Word Building.

Building 9: 
All the paperwork and statistics needed to run a busy campus are filed at the MW Christopher Administration Building.
Building 10: 
The Coss Institute for Computer Technology.

Building 11: 
Our Scoobies may not live in the dorms (such as Phillips Hall, pictured here) these days, but that doesn't mean nothing unusual will happen here.
Building 12: 
Future Farmers of all sorts learn the latest techniques and theories at the Agnew Center for Agricultural Studies.

Building 13: 
Mathematics is taught here, in Golightly Hall.

Building 14: 
Here in the GG Holly Center for the Fine Arts, many a budding Picasso, Ansel Adams, or Robert Arneson gets a good grounding in technique.

Building 15: 
The Psychology and Anthropology
departments share Jephson Hall.
Building 16: 
Students can always get the scoop at the DS Knight School of Journalism.

Schulz Stadium:  Because even if its a satellite campus, its an Oregon campus which means lots of sports!

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