Virtual Season 8
It's a Whole New Slayground!


PREVIOUSLY ON BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER: Although Buffy and Giles had acknowledged their feelings and concerns regarding their relationship, a visit to England coinciding with his fiftieth birthday led Giles to do some serious soul searching. When Giles returned to Whispering Pines he received an unexpected birthday gift from Ethan Rayne - a cursed jacket which served as a bitter reminder of their shared past. Xander, wearing the jacket, accosted Carrie and possibly irreparably damaged their developing romance.

Upon learning that her "friend" Randall was actually Ethan Rayne, Dawn went to confront him. Ethan told her he knew about her artificial creation and demanded she choose between him and the Scoobies. Dawn chose Buffy and her fabricated past rather than the false relationship "Randall" had created. Infuriated by her rejection, Ethan prepared to use Dawn for his own needs just as Giles arrived in search of the missing teen.

After Giles rejected Ethan's pleas for a return to their past relationship, a brutal confrontation between the two left Ethan alone and bleeding profusely on the hotel room floor....


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