Act Five


All moisture vanished from Giles' mouth as he entered the shadowy room. His eyes took a moment to adjust to the dim light given off by the array of candles flickering on various surfaces around the intimate space.

Watching his inspection of her last-minute arrangements, Buffy swallowed nervously and suddenly felt very shy. “I thought that some candlelight might be romantic,” she stuttered, staring at the floor and shifting her feet uncertainly. "Ten minutes wasn't a lot of time. I got out of my sweats and turned down the bed, but I really wanted to do more to the room and to change into something really sexy, and to… sorry, it's way lame." She sniffed and turned away.

Giles shook his head then gently turned her to face him again. “It’s lovely, but not nearly as much as you are.” He reached out to caress her cheek. She leaned in to his touch, and sighed as his fingers smoothed along her skin to comb through her hair. “Do you mind if I…?”

“Mind what?” She asked, absorbed by his shimmering gaze. Giles’ fingers gave a gentle tug at the band holding her hair back into a pony tail and she reached up to the back of her head. “Oh, yeah… that's another thing, sorry. I meant to take this out before you got up here.” She went to remove it and Giles brushed her hand away.

“Allow me.”

A shiver rippled through her as he carefully slipped the band off and loosened her locks with his fingers.

She rolled her head slightly to allow her long hair to flow freely. “With the kind of day we were having, I figured it wouldn’t be completely out of the question to have my hair catch fire while I was lighting the candles.”

Giles chuckled lightly. “Good thought… I mean smart thinking. Best to be cautious.”

She smiled and reached up to take his hand, holding it loosely, her thumb stroking his softly. “I can’t believe we’re finally here, finally doing this. I think I’m still waiting for another interruption or disaster.”

He shook his head firmly. “There will be no more interruptions and definitely no disasters. It’s just you and I, all alone, for the entirety of the evening.” He took a deep breath and held it for a moment before saying hesitantly, “Lucky for us, we have quite the supportive team on our side. I even spotted Willow doing a silencing spell on our rooms earlier. Even if they come back early, they shouldn’t hear a thing." He squeezed her hand reassuringly as she blushed. "We should just try and relax, Buffy.”

“I know. But it’s kinda hard,” she said, looking up at him and giving a soft regretful shrug.

With a wicked grin, he leaned over and whispered in her ear, “Not yet, but I’ve no doubt you’ll take care of that soon enough.”

It took her a moment to catch on. “You…” She started to laugh.

Giles stopped her with a kiss, humming in approval when she relaxed in his arms. He pulled away, his face lit with a gentle smile. “While it’s not exactly what we planned, this night is very romantic,” he assured her softly, lowering his lips to brush hers in another tender kiss. “Because I’m with you.”

“You sweet talker, you.”

“You bring it out in me.”

“Let’s see what else I can bring out of you,” Buffy said mischievously, wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing her body flush to his. She pulled his head down for a kiss, encouraging him to explore her mouth with playful nips and bites.

Bringing his hands to her waist, Giles slid them under her shirt, seeking out the bare skin of her back. With a small whimper, she tightened her grip on his shoulders as his fingers skimmed along the top of her jeans. When the kiss grew more heated, she pushed off his jacket and let it drop to the floor.

Engrossed in the ever-deepening kiss, Giles began to inch Buffy backward toward the bed, his hands roaming her body. Her hands began exploring his torso, impatiently tugging his loose shirt up over his jeans. He inhaled sharply as her hand skimmed beneath the fabric, gliding over the tensed muscles of his stomach.

"I have no idea how I survived this week," he growled. "I wanted you every minute, and was going mad touching you, kissing you. I was hard for you all the time. I… oh!" Her other hand was dipping lower, running across the front of his jeans. She gave the bulge she found an appreciative squeeze. “Dear lord," he moaned, bucking into her hand. "You’re going to be the death of me.”

Buffy laughed breathlessly as she rubbed him again and then slowly trailed her hand along to grip his rear. “Well, I wouldn’t want that to happen,” she teased. “Especially not when we’ve waited so long for this.” She brought her other hand around and began to massage both buttocks.

He pulled her against him, burying his face against the smooth skin of her neck. She smelled of a light, spicy scent, and he inhaled deeply. Buffy giggled as his five o’clock shadow scratched against her skin. He grinned and nipped playfully at the vein that pulsed under her skin, hoping to coax another sound from her. Buffy jumped in surprise at the quick bite.

“Giles!” she yelped, taking a step backwards. Her leg came up short against the side of the bed and she lost her balance. She shrieked as she tumbled back, clutching wildly at him as she fell.

Caught off guard, Giles tried to pull them both upright but tripped as their feet tangled together. Gravity got the best of them, and they went down.

The bed groaned as their combined weight fell on it, springs squeaking as the mattress rebounded. The air rushed from Buffy’s lungs as Giles landed clumsily on top of her.

“Buffy, are you all right?” he asked, as he scrambled to shift his weight from her. In his haste to disentangle their legs, he managed to plant his hand awkwardly on Buffy’s stomach, causing her to yelp in surprise and pain. “Buffy, I’m so sorry!” he said in alarm as he pulled back abruptly.

As he struggled to stand, he saw that Buffy had covered her eyes with her forearm and her body was shaking uncontrollably. Alarmed, he reached over and began checking for injuries.

“Oh, dear lord,” he said, his voice concerned. “Are you hurt? Did you hit your head? Did I crack any of your ribs?” He was taken aback by the peal of laughter that suddenly filled the room. Buffy moved her arm and wiped the tears from her eyes.

“Do you realize we almost broke my bed?” she asked, gasping for air. “I mean, what would we have done then? Used Xander or Willow’s room? We could break every bed in the house!”

Buffy laughed even harder when she saw a look of horror cross Giles’ face.

“Heaven forbid!” he said, rather dramatically, although his mouth twitched into a smile. “After all, this bed figures rather significantly into my plans for the evening.” Giles stretched out beside her on the bed, bracing himself on one elbow as he leaned over to dry her eyes with his free hand. Buffy grew still, the laughter in her eyes turning to passion.

“Giles…” Whatever she’d intended to say was lost as he brought his mouth back to hers in a slow, lingering kiss. She moaned softly as his tongue slid sensually over hers and wrapped her arms around him, pulling him onto her body. Grabbing the hem of his shirt, she began to gather it slowly upward, pausing to caress the expanses of skin revealed and massaging the muscles in his back.

Giles teased Buffy’s lips with his teeth as his hand cupped her breast, playing with the hard nipple through the material. Buffy arched against his touch, covering his hand with her own, pressing it harder against her flesh. Shifting slightly, she could feel his cock stiffen as he rubbed against her thigh. Reaching down, Buffy ran her hand over the growing bulge, pressing firmly.

He groaned, his mouth leaving hers to slide wetly along her jaw. He paused at the juncture of her neck and shoulder, nibbling on her collarbone. Easing his body lower, he tugged at her shirt. With a smile, Buffy lifted her arms so that he could pull it over her head and toss it to the floor.

Giles’ shirt followed, landing on the floor near hers. With a smile, Buffy let her hands roam over his chest. Every inch of him was an adventure of discovery, with scars and marks just waiting to be explored with her lips, tongue and fingers. She delighted in running her hands through the fine, peppered hairs that covered his chest, moving them up and over his shoulders, down his back to reach his denim-covered ass, squeezing the taut muscles with pleasure.

“Would you mind terribly if…?” Giles started to ask, his question cutting off abruptly as Buffy’s hands traveled again to the front of his jeans. He closed his eyes when she tucked her hand under the waistband.

“Would I mind terribly… what?” Buffy asked breathlessly, her hand burrowing deeper as he sucked in his stomach. She wrapped her hand around his cock, giving it a confident squeeze. It twitched in her hand, growing harder.

Taking a deep breath and shaking his head, Giles reluctantly pulled her hand from his jeans and rose up. He planted a knee firmly between Buffy’s legs and grasped her under the arms. With a sharp tug, he lifted her high enough to toss her gracelessly onto the middle of the mattress. He took in her wanton pose, his eyes dark with passion as he moved over her again.

Breathless with laughter, Buffy said, “You could’ve just asked. I wasn’t too thrilled either about our legs hanging off the edge of the bed.” She brushed her hair from her face then returned her hands to the waistband of his jeans.

He inhaled sharply as she undid the button and reached for the zipper. He stopped her, taking her hand and kissing it. “I believe," he said, pausing to suck one of her fingers and releasing it with a kiss, "I was about to ask…” Another of her fingers disappeared briefly into his mouth, and she moaned as he swirled his tongue around it. “But I was distracted by a someone’s greedy hand," he gave her palm a kiss, "being shoved down the front of my jeans.” Giles kissed her wrist and then released it.

Buffy took the opportunity to reach up and scrape his nipple, smiling as he hissed in pleasure. “You’re the one who always says I should anticipate my opponent’s moves,” she said, using her other hand to cup his erection, smiling as he reacted with a thrust.

“I could get used to you anticipating me,” he said, grinning down at her as his fingers traced a light path over her lace-covered breasts.

Giles’ hand darted to her bra’s front clasp, and with a quick flick of his wrist, he unsnapped it. He pushed the cups away and swirled his thumbs over her nipples before lightly pinching them. Giles bent his head and took one of the sensitive nubs in his mouth, circling his tongue around it and then bit down just enough.

Buffy gasped at the sharp pleasure and held his head to her breast. She was barely aware of his hand moving downward, and she arched up suddenly when he firmly cupped the juncture of her legs.

“Oh god, Giles,” she gasped as he began to knead her through the material of her jeans. A rush of sensation pulsed out from her and she felt a flush spread across her skin. Lost to sensation, Buffy closed her eyes and gasped for air.

Smiling, Giles released her nipple and began long, leisurely kisses down the side of her breast. He paused to lick at her breastbone before working his way up the side of the other breast, leaving a moist trail along her skin. Buffy shivered as he blew gently over her nipple, causing it to harden even more.

At the same time, he intensified his efforts with his other hand, watching with satisfaction as she reacted so freely. “More,” she gasped urgently, grinding herself against his hand, her voice raw and out of control with need.

Giles straightened up, and with a swift movement, he released the button and zipper of her jeans. “Christ, you're beautiful like this,” he muttered as he drew her jeans down. “Lift up a bit,” he said, and she obliged so he could pull them off completely.

He bent down and lightly sucked the gusset of her panties. “You never need to wear perfume with your scent.” He eased the panties down, tugging to get them past her hips, and tossed them to the floor with her jeans

Giles slipped his index finger between her labia, moistening it before dragging it forward to her clit. Buffy moaned, her hips jerking at the intimate contact. He rubbed her clitoris, saying, “Don’t be shy… I want to hear you.” She responded with inarticulate noises and whimpers. “That’s right, Buffy. Tell me it feels good,” he said before moving to dip his head between her legs.

Covering her plump flesh with his eager mouth, Giles grasped her hips to keep her still as he slipped his tongue in to tease her clitoris. She tried to arch into his mouth and was frustrated by his firm grip. He looked up long enough to tell her, “Stay,” and then moved one hand down to thrust one, then two fingers into her channel, all the while continuing to stimulate her with his tongue.

Buffy moaned with pleasure and her hand came down to grab at his hair. Despite his injunction to remain in place, she moved wantonly against his face as he lapped at her juices.

“Giles, please,” she gasped. "Oh god, please!"

He responded by increasing the speed and intensity of his tongue and hand, bringing her over the edge at last when he trapped her clit between his tongue and lip and sucked hard.

Buffy screamed and bucked up as the sensation spread through her body. He licked her gently as she trembled, alternating with soft kisses along the inside of her thighs and on her lower belly. As she continued to shudder from the aftershocks, she realized that he was getting ready to start again. She tugged at his head, and he looked up, grinning. “Just once more, then, right?”

“Nope. Want you up here. Now.” He obliged by moving up, pausing frequently to drop kisses on her belly and breasts. Buffy grabbed his head and pulled him down hard against her lips, opening herself to him. She pushed her tongue in and out of his mouth, savoring her taste and scent on him.

He reached down for his zipper, only to be stopped when Buffy grabbed him. She shifted her face just enough to whisper breathlessly, "My turn to play." She pushed his hand aside to finish unzipping his jeans, stroking his erect cock through the opening. Giles groaned deeply, resting his forehead against hers and rocking against her hand. She placed her other hand on his chest pushing him away.

"Buf..." Giles started to speak and she gave his cock a hard squeeze and he arched immediately against her, thrusting his shoulders back. She pushed him hard and toppled him onto his back.

"Slayer guile has its place everywhere," she whispered as she placed a silencing finger to his lips. "That's what happens when you get distracted."

He groaned again as she began running her hands through his chest hair, pausing to pinch his nipples between her thumbs and forefingers. She dropped her head down to cover one with her mouth, alternately sucking and biting it. The mixture of pleasure and pain caused Giles to growl and he brought his hand up to run his fingers through her hair as she toyed with him.

Buffy’s lips moved unhurriedly down his chest to his stomach, her tongue swirling around his navel before dipping inside. She nibbled along the muscles of his stomach while her fingers danced nimbly across denim to open it further.

Freed from the confines of his jeans, Giles’ cock throbbed beneath his tented boxers as Buffy yanked his pants down his legs.

“Man, Slayer strength would come in really handy right now,” she muttered, trying to pull them all the way off. Giles gave a pained laugh as she struggled with the heavy material. “It was so much more romantic when you did it,” Buffy grumbled as she wrestled with his jeans.

Buffy managed to get them down to his ankles, and sweating with the exertion, she pried off his shoes, dropping them to the floor with a thud before dragging the pants all the way off.

Buffy stood at the foot of the bed looking down at him triumphantly. She smiled widely and tucked her messed up hair behind her ears as she reached back up his body. "One pair down, one to go." She hooked her fingers under his shorts and pulled them over his hips, pushing them down to his ankles. Impatiently, Giles kicked them off, sending the shorts flying through air. They landed rather precariously near a candle on the window seat. Neither noticed.

Buffy skimmed her hands up his thighs as she crawled up between his legs. He was rock hard in front of her, his thick, beautiful, flesh pulsing with life. Smiling, she grasped his cock, shaping her hand to fit his curves. Not wanting to leave anything ignored, her other hand moved to his scrotum, delicately massaging his testes with loving fingers. She was rewarded with an appreciative groan as he shifted restlessly. His reaction excited her further, and she bent down and gently began to lick a long stroke along the length of his shaft, savoring the taste of his essence on her tongue.

“Bloody hell, Buffy,” Giles panted as Buffy’s hot tongue circled around the head of his cock, dipping under the foreskin and teasing him. She slid the tip of her tongue into his slit and he cried out, hands gripping the sheets.

She glanced quickly at his face before setting about to make him insane. Moving his uncut skin up and down with hands and lips, Buffy alternated between deep-throating him and sucking firmly just around the head. She moved from fondling his balls to stroke his perineum, pausing when she reached his anus. She rubbed the outer rim and he pushed back against her. She removed her hand and rubbed herself, coating her finger with her juices, before returning to poke carefully into the hole.

He shouted her name as he thrust upwards without control, tangling his fingers in her hair as she took him deep into her mouth again, her other hand stroking up and down along the base of his shaft. She bobbed her head up and down, his flesh moving slickly against her tongue.

“Christ,” he cursed, “I can’t take any more of this.” He grabbed at the sheets and pushed his hips up off the bed, thrusting deeply into her mouth. "Buffy, please, I need you now. I can't wait."

Buffy pulled back slowly, trailing her tongue against the contours of his cock as she raised her head to smile at him. Her hand continued to pump his penis as he sat up and pulled her forward. His mouth came down on hers, capturing it in a crushing kiss. Caught off guard, Buffy lifted her hand from him, placed it against his chest for balance. He wrapped his arms around her, pulling her on top of his body as he lay back on the pillows.

With one swift movement, he rolled them both over so that Buffy lay beneath him and she instinctively spread her legs. Gasping for air, her hands roamed Giles’ back, tugging on his ass to bring him closer. She could feel his hardness pressing against her, rubbing against her clit as he moved above her.

“Please, Giles,” she whispered imploringly, her mouth searching out his. Giles kissed her frantically as they rocked together, his erection sliding easily up and down her slick pussy. He groaned and then pulled back to stare deeply into her eyes.

“I love you,” he said breathlessly as he guided his penis to her entrance.

“I love you, heart and soul,” she answered passionately, pulling him down to kiss her again.

He began to push gently into her, stopping quickly when he saw a ghost of pain cross her face. Immediately concerned, he asked, “Buffy?”

“Keep going,” she said, wrapping her legs around him in an effort to get him to move again. "I need you inside me."

He sank in more deeply and she gasped. "Buffy?" he asked again. He withdrew slightly, the tip of his penis teasing her entry. "Please, what is it?"

“It’s nothing.” When she caught sight of his expression, she said, “Resolve face really does suck.”

“Talk to me,” he said firmly.

“It’s just… it’s been a while, you know? And certain muscles get a little…” She gave him a pleading look. “Do I really need to draw a picture for you?”

“You’re tight.” With a touch of self-recrimination, he added, “Stupid of me not to have thought of that.”

“It’s nothing, trust me!” Buffy tightened her legs around him to keep him from moving away. She smiled up at him, eyes dancing in the candlelight. “Anyway, with anyone else, it wouldn’t take that long for me to loosen up.”

He frowned down at her. “I’ve a feeling I’m going to regret asking, but what on earth are you talking about?”

Buffy pushed up slightly to recapture a bit of his length. “I’m not saying you should quit your day job to go into adult movies, but you are… um… Let’s just say you put everyone else to shame, okay?”

Giles smiled bashfully, looking about twenty years younger than he normally did. “Really?”

“Really,” she said decisively, squeezing her vaginal muscles around the head of his cock to add emphasis to her statement. “Now, please? Pretty please? It’s not a bad hurt. More of a really intense stretch kind of hurt, and it feels good.”

“You winced,” he said. “Wincing doesn’t imply good.”

“But…” She broke off with a gasp when, with a sudden move, Giles rolled them so she was on top. Confused, she said the first thing that came to mind. “You fell out.”

“I promise that the next time I try that move, I won’t fall out, because I’ll be balls deep in you,” he said, moving his hand toward her, his finger unerringly finding her clit, and he began to tease her again. “In this position, however, you have better control, and I can perhaps distract you a bit from any discomfort you might feel, right?”

She gasped and pushed against his fingers before bending down to kiss him with breathless intensity. “Remember me telling you once that you’re a god?”

Confused, he said, “No?”

“Never mind. Just trust me, you are.” Buffy straightened up, rising slightly as she reached behind to grasp his cock. She positioned it carefully, moaning as he continued to stimulate her clit. She eased down, slowly swallowing him within her, taking him deeper with subtle bobs, hissing in pleasure as he finally filled her completely.

"Oh, Buffy," he breathed, struggling to hold still. “You're so hot, so tight, so good.”

Buffy raised up, tightening her vaginal walls to hold him still, then came down again. Twice more, she did this before bending forward to prop her torso up with straightened arms. Giles took advantage of the position, grasping her torso to bring her breasts within reach of his mouth. He nibbled on one of her hard nipples, grunting with satisfaction at her gasp of pleasure.

Together, they began to move together and when Giles released her breast, she dropped down to her elbows, forcing her hands under his shoulders to grasp him close and kiss him.

After a few minutes, Giles broke off and murmured, “Ready?”

Immersed in the pleasure caused by their gentle rocking, she mumbled, “Hmm, what?”

“Hang on.” He flipped them suddenly, and moved in her with greater assurance. He laughed at the look on her face. “Told you the time for that maneuver was when I was balls deep.”

“Giles?” she said as she wrapped her legs around him.

“Yes, Buffy?”

“Please shut up, now.”

“Yes, Buffy.”

Giles began to move his hips in a tempo that matched alternate beats of his heart, his cock sliding in and out of her in short, shallow strokes. He propped himself up on his elbows, his forehead resting on hers.

Buffy stared intently into his dark eyes as her hips rocked in time with the rhythm he set as he plunged into her. Shifting his weight, Giles ran his hand down the sweat slicked skin of her thigh, caressing the side of her buttock before slipping it in between their bodies.

Her nails raked across his back as Giles pinched her clitoris. She panted for air as the combined sensation of his hand and cock drove her closer to the edge. Quickening the pace of his thrusts, he grunted with each plunge inward. He bit down on the scar on her neck, leaving his own mark, and shifted his angle so that he could move ever more deeply. His hips met her flesh with every stroke, and she moaned wildly, rotating her hips upward. The angle brought him closer, driving deeper and she moaned wildly.

“Faster, Giles,” Buffy demanded, thrashing her head against the pillow. Giles moaned, increasing his pace, his entire body working to bring them to their climax. The headboard of the bed began to thump against the wall as he pounded into her, harmonizing with the sound of flesh meeting flesh. With every thrust, she moaned with increasing pleasure.

Reaching down, Giles hooked an arm under her leg, lifting it higher as he slammed into her. Her inner muscles tensed, choking him and he saw Buffy’s eyes widen with passion. “Now,” she gasped. She arched her back, frantically lifting her hips to grind against him as she teetered into her orgasm. Her inner walls clenched around him, and with one last thrust, Giles’ body went rigid, with white-knuckled fists, and he shuddered, crying out as he came.

Even after climax, they rocked against each other, milking the last of their passion as the pace gradually slowed.

"Dear god," he whispered breathlessly as they finally grew still. "I love you. God, I love you so much." He collapsed on top of her and with a muffled apology, rolled carefully onto his side beside her so that he wouldn’t crush her.

She whimpered as he pulled out, his softening cock resting on his belly. "No, stay..."

"Shhh..." He pulled her into his chest and began placing feather-light kisses along the top of her head, breathing heavily, but unable to stop touching her. "I don't want to hurt you, remember? And trust me, when I drop into a post-coital coma, not even Slayer strength would be enough to get me to move again," he said with a weak chuckle.

"Being close to you in any way will never hurt me," she whispered, her hand reaching to stroke his chest. He twitched and groaned again. "That was wonderful. Absolutely wonderful." She sighed in contentment, "Way better than a song.”

His voice husky and with tempered with amusement, Giles said, “Well, if you’re wondering, I definitely think that was worth the wait.”

“Oh god, yes," she answered laughing lightly. "But no more waiting. Ever. I vote for a want-take-have philosophy from now on.” She reached up to squeeze his shoulder and arm.

His hand moved up and down between her neck and her soft buttocks, stroking lightly, and she added, "That feels good. I love you, you know." She kissed his chest and then yawned. “Definitely have to do that again. Soon. And then again and again and again." Her hand slowed and stopped. "Just as soon as we’ve taken a nap."

He laughed, answering softly, "And I don't think you'll have to pout to have your wicked way with me either."

She smiled and kissing his chest again, she rested her cheek against his breast. "Hmmm, good. I don't want to…" she yawned, "…waste a good power pout. Hmmm, a short nap and then…" her voice trailed off, "…again…"

Contented and replete, Giles smiled, stroking her hair as she drifted into sleep. Pulling her closer, he shut his eyes. “Absolutely," he whispered. "And next time, I won’t be nearly so rushed...”


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