Welcome to the Special Act Five for "Heart & Soul"

Presented through a collective (and exhausting, if highly enjoyable) effort by

all Lunatics in the VLC Asylum

(with special credit to Gabi, Koala and Wicked Fox for the next page…)


The rest of the house was quiet as Giles leaned against Buffy’s door, listening to her move rapidly around her room. He knocked softly and waited until the door slowly opened. “Buffy,” he whispered reverently, his voice husky as he stood blinking at the sight of her.

“I need you,” Buffy said clearly, as she pulled him inside. The door shut firmly behind him.

Want to know what happens behind closed doors? This is the special epilogue, our act five to Heart & Soul, for adult readers only, where it becomes Heart & Soul & Body.

Yes, Buffy and Giles finally express their love for each other physically. Yes, we wrote it. Please read on only if you are of age in your country of residence and are really as ready as our characters are for some, well, hot sex!

We know not all of our readers are BG shippers and we appreciate very much that you like our season even without loving our ship. For you, and for several other reasons, we've decided to pull this out into a special section.

If you are:

       not interested,

              not ready for this,


                            plan to flame us with "Ew!" messages


       if there is any other reason you shouldn't read this, then don't!

But if you, like Buffy & Giles, are MORE than ready, here it is, at long last, the smut.....


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