From: Lord Percy, Watcher's Council <>
Date:   Friday, January 9, 2004, 11:16
To:   Rupert Giles
Subject: Slayers Missing 

Dear Rupert,

We've lost contact with two Slayers so far (both of whom were working without Watchers), and from what we can tell, there were three that we had listed for contact who are also missing.  In at least one case, the local authorities are calling the disappearance "suspected foul play."  

According to Christina in Devon, the Slayer energies seem greatly disrupted overall.  

The CoW is putting out an alert to all Watchers and Slayers.

It is possible that since Buffy is the original Slayer, that these disapperances are connected to your magical problems.  If you can find any relationship between Slayer energies, Buffy's presence or anything else even remotely linked to the strange magics of Whispering Pines, please let us know immediately.

I may need you to take some short trips for us soon.  I'll keep you advised.

Lord Percy




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