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       Rupert Giles New Email Address    11/12/03 23:04      Lord Percy
  Rupert Giles Missed Call     12/03/03 23:56      Lord Percy
  Lord Percy Re: Missed Call     12/04/03 09:17      Rupert Giles 
  Rupert Giles  Re: Re: Missed Call     12/05/03 11:27      Lord Percy 
  Rupert Giles Thank you for the many calls     12/29/03 13:36       Lord Percy
  Rupert Giles Happy New Year, Pisspot    01/04/04 10:22      Lord Percy
  Lord Percy Slayers Missing    01/09/04  11:16       Rupert Giles
Rupert Giles Re:  Slayers Missing    01/10/04  15:21      Lord Percy
  Lord Percy Happy Birthday to Buffy     01/13/04  09:44       Rupert Giles 
  Rupert Giles Re:  Happy Birthday to Buffy    01/13/04  14:07       Lord Percy
  Rupert Giles C'Ghrisoraak demon    01/31/04 11:33      Lord Percy


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