From: Robin Woods <>
Date:   Thursday, November 13, 2003, 10:14
To:   Rupert Giles
Subject: Re:  New Email address 

Yo!  G!

Say hi to B and the gang for me...  We're all fine and dandy here, it's just tons of fun being on a Hellmouth.  Actually, it's a lot easier then in Sunnydale, and the weirdness that happens, well, people just assume it's Cleveland, you know? 

We're all fine and the little Slayerettes are doing good.  Haven't lost one yet.  Robin's out trying to find some new spellbook or something, I don't know exactly, but he's really into the whole Watcher thing and takes it seriously.  He'll be a nice stuck up member of the Tweed Brigade soon if I don't keep an eye on him.  I'll give him this address and you just yell if you need us.  We got Slayers coming out of our ears here and I'll be happy to send you one or two or ten to get them out of our hair.

You take care, ok?


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