November 17th, 2003

Seattle is an interesting place -- a city balanced between art and nature. Too bad I despise both. They had some wonderful microbreweries though. I know you appreciate a hearty malt stout or two: been much too long since we talked over a stein of Guinness. Of course the last time we did so, you woke up with not just a hangover, but horns, so you may not be so willing to share a pint with me again.

Had a meeting with a curious fellow yesterday. A highly intelligent, computer software tycoon. Impressive portfolio, well invested, powerful, but unfortunately quite lacking in appearance and style. He was interested in enhancing his inner beauty. Well... at least that’s what I sold him. Simple arousal spell. Took only a minute to do but I would never have let him know that. Needless to say, it worked perfectly. As a gratuity, he gifted me with a notebook computer equipped with wireless internet capabilities. Looks like I have a new toy to play with. Good thing I'm a fast learner. If he hadn't been such a complete bore of a man, I would have liked to continue partaking of his hospitality. But again, my attentions fall elsewhere. Pity the side effects of the arousal spell will eventually rendered him bald and impotent, with a slight case of jock itch. Another little bit of information he need not know.

On another high note, I've accidentally uncovered another source located in the Olympic National Rainforest. I plan on tapping it tomorrow. I would never have known this well of energies even existed had it not been for my scarred Eyghon tattoo. I know it sounds crazy, and I most likely am, but as I was waiting to meet with some underworldly types just within the park gates, this old deformed tattoo of mine began to burn. Just a tingle at first but as I moved further into the park, it grew in intensity. It guided me to the energies. I'm not sure what it means or why it is suddenly happening now but I will certainly get good use from this latest development.