January 24th, 2004...

Perpetual restlessness, that's how I would describe it. My cravings for that girl were distracting me to no end. I decided it was about time I found a release for all this pent up tension.

A visit to a local sports bar last night allowed me a welcome break from my more licentious thoughts of Dawn. The assortment of most interesting morsels did wonders in refocusing my interest elsewhere. I didn’t have to linger long before a promising young couple flashed me welcoming smiles and flagged me over. The young man continued to shoot pool as he inquired where I'd purchased my jacket. Seems he was searching for one just like it. Imagine the coincidence. I told him I must remember to thank my band manager and costumer. You do have quite the eye, Dawn.

The mention of my celebrity didn't get past his colorful companion and she watched us with great interest as the playful banter continued, peppered with tall tales of my fame and fortune. Much to my delight and relief, we went back to their place. I'm never one to entertain, unless it is you, Ripper, or my dearest Dawn, of course. Anyway, a few generously liquored drinks, a few sly winks, a few suggestive phrases and I had that young chap eating out of the palm of my hand... literally, as his enthusiastic temptress friend awaited her turn. I do so love an audience.

I won't mortify your assumed decency with the more unrestrained details. Needless to say, I achieved what I set out to do and came to a new outlook on things.

I woke early and quite refreshed this morning, managing to slip out from between the pretty pair without stirring them from their richly deserved slumber. I stole one final glance back to appreciate my lovely diversion. After exercising my well practiced forget spell, I gathered my things and left, leaving only soiled sheets to remember me by.

But as I write this, I realize my thoughts are still on Dawn. I know it is only a matter of time before I succumb to my passions. Should I be sorry to say that I pray for that day?