February 20th, 2004...

Here's to you, Mate! 50 bloody years.

Never thought I'd live to see the day. Hell, I never thought you'd live to see the day. Of course, who knows, the day's not over yet... you may not see the end of it.

But the old romantic within me wishes you the best. Though I highly suspect the half finished pint of vodka might be swaying my mood as well.

I hope you appreciated my thoughtful gift, Ripper. I took care of it, just as I promised I would do for you… had you not abandoned me.

Now you've done it... sent me reminiscing.

Remember the first of your birthdays we celebrated together? I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't, since as was the usual, you were right pissed. It was quite the bash, standing room only in that old abandoned flat of ours. The crowd transformed into a heap of writhing skin and sweat as we watched them sample every mind altering substance known to common man and many that are not.

We had our pick of the pretty faces that night, didn't we, my boy. But we chose instead to steal away into the sanctuary of our room, just you and I.

I miss those times, Ripper. It was simpler then. I understood you and you understood me and we were inseparable. You can't get that now. The world’s changed too much for a couple of old mystics like ourselves. My only hope is that one day you'll finally realize it and return to me.

Like an obedient servant, I'll probably be waiting.

Here's to us, Ripper. May we never lose that which I so treasure and that you now deny we ever had.