February 15th, 2004...

You denied me what is rightfully mine. You took without giving, used without sympathy, and then you deprived me of what I so desperately require. You left me there, waiting, waiting, and waiting. Helpless with pain while you laughed. I could have slit your delectable throat.

But then you reminded me of my dear boy's coming landmark of a birthday. Fortunately for you, you serve a much more important function for the time being. You will help me remind my wayward son of the life he left behind.

And after I have my fun, after Ripper remembers who he really is, then I will take my healing energies, Dawn, and you will be punished. I've learned from my previous mistakes and will not hesitate the next time. But I think you may just enjoy what I have in store for you.

I know I will.