February 14th, 2004...

Waiting is such sweet sorrow. The anticipation will surely kill me but the thrill of knowing that this journey's end is moments away keeps me focused. All my toils, all my troubles, they all come to a head tonight.

Oh Dawn, my gentle beauty, I only wish you could know what this means to me. I've waited so long, given so much of myself so that I might know what it is to finally touch you. Not as I have. All that came before was merely part of the hunt. Tonight, the chase ends and you will know what passions simmer within me as you become my willing prey.

Listen to me... I'm rambling aren’t I? Forgive me. If I didn't know better, I would think this potion has affected me rather than its intended owner. It's just that I can't help myself or veil my excitement. The very thought of you awakens something within me. My nerves crackle, set aflame waiting for that cherished moment when you accept me in your warmth. It's as if my skin remembers yours and my blood boils with fevered anticipation of your imagined flesh.

I know your heart and I can sense the desires you aren’t able to recognize yet. But you will, my tender bud. There will be no more need for flirtatious glances or fleeting episodes of preening touches. We can drop this unnecessary pretense if you would only allow me one taste of your delicate lips.

Dawn, let me take that ultimate leap and have what is rightfully mine. You can't refuse me, pet. We're bonded now. And with the calling, we will know what intimate secrets each of us holds. It's time. Come to me.