December 28th, 2003...

I'm feeling rather wicked today, in no small part for my delivery of a very special package. You should have seen the way her face lit up when her eyes fell on that shimmering bracelet.

She is mine. I've declared her as such with my thoughtful gift. She hasn't any inkling of what the cuff means and she need not know. It will become clear in time.

When I slipped it onto her delicate wrist, I could barely contain my excitement. If it hadn't been for that Slayer and you, my meddling friend, I would have dipped into her well with wild abandon. But I must not take any chances. I will know when the time is right. Besides, the moment requires a better setting than a gaudy bathroom at some public market.

There is no rush. She is so eager to help and the sweet rewards I pay her for her time only serve to draw her in more. I feel like the pied piper and it's been much too long since my flutes been played.

This is truly like taking candy from a baby.