December 13th, 2003: Addendum...

My lord, what a feeling...
I've tasted bliss, dear boy, and she has a name... Dawn.

After my run in with her at the coffee shop, I decided to visit her, to see just how plentiful her energies really are.

By the way, I must say, you have a lovely home, old man. A loving, BORING home. You are, you know... old and tamed like some beaten down work horse. You used to have fire, Ripper. You used to have passion, but now all you have is the simple décor of a dreary and droll retirement. I weep for the slow death of the dangerous man I once knew. Perhaps I will remind you of that beast you're killing softly within you. I miss him so.

I shouldn't dwell on such a lost cause as you. I return now to my precious Dawn. I showed up on her doorstep and did my best to look frazzled. She invited me in for tea and a look around. I took her up on her offer and much, much more. But I mustn't skip ahead of myself. You should savor the details.

We talked for hours and I learned so much of your new life as well as the tale of your hardships over the past years. Dawn is such a polite young lady, far too trusting, though. As I made my way to leave, I talked her into trying out an old relaxation technique to help her focus on her studies. She accepted.

The spell worked beautifully and I felt her energies flow freely to me. It was all I could do not to suck her dry in my first sitting. She's so rich, I could feed off her for months if I play my cards right. So I released her from the bond and of her memories of that fateful moment. With all the care of loving parent, I cradled her in my arms, carried her to her room and carefully tucked her away into bed.

You arrived home as I stood over her, Ripper. You can't even imagine the nasty things I could have done to her and you'd never have known. But where's the fun in that? It would be over too soon and I wish to savor this. After all, my Dawn and I will meet again, and again, and again...

Goodnight my sweet and have pleasant dreams. I know I will.