December 13th, 2003

She's crafty, she's distrustful and she's devious all wrapped up in a cute little bundle. I'm simply fascinated by her.

I followed her today, purposefully making my presence known. Unfortunately, she wasn't alone. Perhaps I should cover my tracks and erase her companion's memory of the day. No matter, I have young Miss Dawn Summers working for me now. She'll provide me my disguise.

Luckily for me she bought the Council story hook, line and sinker. She's desperate to help her resident Watcher and that's my ticket in. As with most disillusioned young adults her age, she craves responsibility and respect. I will be her praise and sympathy and she will be my unwitting servant.

She's odd. Can't pinpoint just what it is but there is something else there... besides being a human container binding an unearthly source of mystical energies. Perhaps it's her presentation. Most impressive is her own woven history with her so-called sister and the rest of the Slayer's circle of friends. If I didn't know better, I'd think this young lady was actually Buffy's sister. The attention to detail and accounts of past events was flawless. Puts me to shame. Then again, I can never trust that what I remember is reality.

So, what is she to you, Ripper? Perhaps you know her value and are harboring her for your own purposes. It will be an adventure to learn her secrets... and yours. I can't wait.