December 10th, 2003

I've found it.

I never thought it possible but the source lies hidden within a young lady who attends the local high school. Quite the unforeseen twist, but the possibilities excite me. All I have to do is find the right time, the right place and snatch her up like one of those sorry souls you see on the ignored sides of discarded milk cartons.

I haven't a bloody clue what the process of extracting the energies will do to her. Could get messy. Best to take precautions and get some giant garbage bags and shop towels. Maybe I shouldn't dive in with such eagerness. She holds so much more power than I'd originally assumed that if I'm careful and can keep her alive, she can continue to recharge me. I'll need to swing by the local pharmacist and restock my supply. Pick up something to keep her knocked out while I make my arrangements.

Tomorrow. I will claim my lovely prize tomorrow.