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April 30, 2004

Dear Diary,

Sorry for the silence.  I just didn't know what to say.  I guess I'll start with the facts:

Ethan's dead.   Guess I told you that.

Buffy's got her Slayer strength back.

Percy's okay.  He got hurt trying to save me (My Hero!), but he's okay.  He went back to England today.  His wife, Patricia, came over to get him.  She's pretty and really funny too.  She kept dropping hints about June weddings, which made Giles turn red and Buffy smirk.  I know that's silly because there is no way we could plan a wedding in a month!  (I'm still not ready for the prom!)

Elspeth and Jo are okay.  Elspeth apparently saw like EVERYTHING and it was really bad, but she's really tough...

Katako, the crazy Slayer's dead.  She killed herself fighting Faith.  (Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention that Faith and Wood showed up and they're like really in love.  It's sweet.  And sorta creepy because it's FAITH, you know?)

More bad news.  Harold got killed and so did a bunch of other CoWboys.  Margaret got hurt (but she's okay now). I feel guilty even if they all say I shouldn't.

Giles saved my life.  And then Buffy and Willow saved his. And he's sorta got some Slayer in him, which I don't really get, but I think is probably a good thing.  Maybe he won't get knocked unconscious so much any more.

And I'm human.  

Like really and truly human and not like key-like, monk-made human.  I don't know how it happened really, but Willow and Giles and the coven did all these weird tests somehow and there's nothing magical left in me.

Which is maybe a little sad, but mostly, I think, pretty okay after all.




You know, it's been a year since Giles gave me this book. And you, My Dear Diary, are almost full!

I just looked back through and so much has happened! Can you believe how into Brian I was? That's just embarassing!  And the whole thing with Randall? I didn't reread that.  I'm not ready yet.  I feel so stupid how he sucked me in.

Giles said he gave this to me because I liked to write when I was younger.  I did.  And maybe I'll write again in the future, I don't know.  If I become a Watcher, I suppose I'll have to write all the time.

But right now?  I don't think I want to write any more. I'm going to go do human girl stuff and call my boyfriend and see if he wants to go to the movies.  I've got the tickets!

More later.