Raspberry Vinegar
about 1 quart

This recipe produces a smoother and sweeter result than our Blackberry Vinegar. Try both and see which you prefer.

You may find you like them both, but in different recipes. Maybe one for salad dressings and the other for sauces or soups.

Feel free to experiment with the type of berries you use, as well. They will all work alone or in combination to give you lots of variety.


1 1/2 cups raspberries. lightly crushed
3 tbl honey
2 cups red vine vinegar

Combine all the ingredients in a heavy sauce pan and simmer gently for 10 minutes. Pour into a jar. Seal and store for 3 weeks.

Line a strainer with a coffee filter and strain the vinegar, pressing down on the fruit solids to get the most juice and flavor. Discard remaining solids.

Pour into a bottle, seal and use as needed. The vinegar will keep for a really long time. We've never found out how long because we've never had one spoil.