When VLC decided that we would have Ethan involved in the season, long before we knew exactly what role he would play, we knew we needed to learn a bit more about Chaos Magic.  So we created a "CM Workgroup" which investigated Chaos Magic in the "real" world.  

The following is their report to the Lunatics, prepared in August 2003.  It was designed to generate ideas and to look at how we might use the ideas in Chaos Magic for our season.  

There are a lot of real "Chaote" or "Chaotitians" out there and they are, unsurprisingly, active on the web.  We took a look at the "real" stuff and decided to toss the majority of it out the window.  HOWEVER, we do want to give you a few things to think on. This is simply for authors to pull from for inspiration. The information here is presented to:

1. Give an insight into Ethan...some of the comments we quoted would reflect his attitude.

2.  Actually, if you look at the quotes, you will see we are being given full freedom to toss it everything out the window---the majority of the posts said, "Chaos can work with anything, using any rules, whatever you want."  So hey, we've done our due diligence and shown that whatever Chaos rules we come up with are OK, because Chaos is largely without rules.

3.  It shows that items can have power, so we can use Dawn and other items if we want. In fact, a number of the posts talked about Chaos in terms of energy, channelling energy.   


"Chaos is the force of creation, 
its the energy that everything exists in 
before it becomes reality. 

This force exists in the earth, 
it flows in the earth as energy streams, 
and exists in every person as energy flows." 

This helps validate Dawn's energy as a battery for Chaos Magic...

4. One thing to note, and this could become useful....Chaos magic shows colors. Check out Green!  "The Colour of Love Magick is Green. Green Magick is about the Emotional Love that comes from the Heart, not the Carnal Desires of the genitals -- for those Carnal Desires are in the domain of Purple Magick.  Green Magick also extends into Friendship..." 

Suppose we tie this in together, Giles can certainly research this in the end, proving once again, that love conquers all. Buffy loves Dawn for Dawn (why we'll never know, but hey, lets just go with the flow) and they have the Scooby love for each other--its all glowing green!  This is just something to "keep in mind" which can be ignored or used later as the muses lead us.

5. The most common example all the sites gave was this one: 

"Chaos Theory is the idea that random events can lead to a knock on effect that may lead to a large scale reaction - or, if a butterfly flaps its wings in Australia it will cause a Tornado to sweep and destroy the West Coast of the US. This would happen because the beating of the wings will have caused subtle changes in the air flow patterns, which in turn would have affected larger currents, and so on." 

This can be used in Ethan's ideas--the costumes was a small thing, led to major chaos, potential disaster. The idea proposed for the perfume as a truth spell is also a good one and appropriate for chaos--small thing, big results. 

FOR REFERENCE and Inspiration only

Quotes from Chaos Magic Websites
(direct quotes from a variety of sources--any typos are from the original!):

There are two (well, basically two) kinds of Chaote. Ones like myself are what are more accurately called "Generalists", we are the ones who take the bits of magic that *work*, no matter what the discipline, and can use them. 

The other kind are those who use the forces of chaos and randomness, if such a thing can be imagined (and to me, it can, but it's like riding herd on flies... and that's not an offensive image, it helps make you see the difficulty inherent here) for their spells and workings, allowing them to use random chance to make things go the way they want... 

What is Chaos Magick? 

Chaos Magick is a Postmodern system of Occultism that strives to reduce the Magickal Ceremonies of the world's various religions and occult orders to their quintessential essence. 

Chaos Magicians have no beliefs per se. Instead our focus is on practice and technique. 

Chaos Magicians strip the beliefs and philosophies away from the teachings of past and current traditions and keep the techniques that work.  Chaos Magickians will utilize, for example, the intense trance states of Voodoo and the not-thinking states of meditation from Buddhism in a ritual context for the purposes of obtaining a result, but the religious beliefs and philosophies of those schools of practice are discarded as unnecessary.  

Our Magick is Chaos in the sense that it is not ordered -- the rigid order of traditional forms of Magick are thrown to the winds. 

this is off www.chaosmagic.com --yup a whole site. Check out the rest there if you want more info.

Ask ten Chaotitians what Chaos Magick is and you will get eleven answers. 

One of the aims of Chaos Magick is to find the best way of achieving something through magickal practice. Chaos Magick strips away the chain and ball beliefs of the Worlds religious and magickal systems and takes the pure essential of the chosen practice for the proposed gain. It takes and exploits any method to the full. Maximises everything, takes advantage and annihilates unnecessary complications that have moulded them selves into the human conscious like grim old nursery rhymes. Chaos Magick gives people the ability to recognise the world from a hundred different points of view, and to use the best of those views to structure the Self. To change. To keep on top of things and gain from situations one must be able to adapt and change. Chaos is change, change brings understanding and knowledge. 

Chaos Theory is the idea that random events can lead to a knock on effect that may lead to a large scale reaction - or, if a butterfly flaps its wings in Australia it will cause a Tornado to sweep and destroy the West Coast of the US. This would happen because the beating of the wings will have caused subtle changes in the air flow patterns, which in turn would have affected larger currents, and so on. Within Chaos Magick, it is the practitioner's job to find out exactly how they have to flap their wings to achieve what they want. 

Chaos magick is possibly one the simplest form of magick when it is correctly understood. Sometimes the ritual needed to achieve something with a large effect can be as straightforward and instinctual as the flapping of wings is to a butterfly. Sometimes I think other magickal practices have got it all back to front. They create the tornado first by ritual, which in the end only causes a light breeze which the butterfly has to fight against, and might prevent it from reaching its next flower. Big, energy fizzing, time consuming rituals with the adequate planning are good fun, but sometimes they are just not needed, and sometimes you might not have the time for anything huge. Anything will work as long as you have the Will and the right Focus. 

Chaos is the force of creation, its the energy that everything exists in before it becomes reality. This force exists in the earth, it flows in the earth as energy streams, and exists in every person as energy flows (IE chi, qi, chakras, etc...) Magick is shaping that force in accordance with will (see D.M. Kraig's definition elsewhere). How chaos magick differs (other than how it has evolved into sigilization, gnosis, ...) is the concept of paradigm shifting, or simply the fact that you can use the methods of different belief structures as a means to a magickal end. 

The Colors of Magic seems to have been created out of spite for those who believe that magic is either black or white. True enough, Chaos magic is neither black nor white, indeed, but it's as easily a rainbow as it is nothing at all. The Eight Colors, while doubtlessly useful on a purely practical basis (as a form of categorization, perhaps), also act as an impediment to the understanding of the theorists. It's a belief designed and supported by the belief of it's creator and those who accept it as true. 

.Chaos magic is a study not only in magic, but also the creation of magic, and the genesis of magical systems. A Chaos magician knows that he could design a completely bogus series of beliefs, tell a group of people said beliefs were absolutely true, and the people who practiced those bogus beliefs would end up with measurable results. 

Chaos magic isn't a moral theory by any means, but nor is it amoral. It's just a theory. 

For those like that they will go through shifter sickness and awakening sickness before they are able to shape shift to prepare the mind and body for anything the shifter might wish to shift into. A friend of mine catogorizes shifting into 3 Levels: Low Level shifting includes changing eye colour, a flash of fangs minor physical difference. Mid Level shifting is beig able to change age, gender, racial differences, etc. High Level Shifting is turning into a cat, mouse, box or something other than what the individual is not (Non humanoid forms). 

For a shifter it is natural to shift and and want to shift. It is not dangerous for them at all. If you are not a natural shifter and have to rely on majik then it can be down right fatal if you even mess one little thing up. Natual shifters also need a lot of meat in their diet due to the fact that he meat tons down the shifter's natural insticts and calms them down. If you ever encounter someone who is super agressive then calms down after eating animal protein then you are dealing with somebody who is a natural shifter most likely. A shifter's body NEEDS animal protein. Vegetarianism for them will make them very deathly ill, shaky, super agressive and even incredibly violent those ore just a few things. 

To me, chaos magick is an outlook on magick which holds that all magickal systems work at least to some degree. The chaos magician switches beliefs, religions, and philosophies depending on what he wants to do. For example, I might become a Wiccan in order to cast a protection spell. Later, I could use Austin Spare's sigilization methods to make it rain. I utilize whatever system works best for the task at hand. 

Note that, in Wicca, it is a no-no to mess with nature by altering the weather.  As a chaos magician, I am not restricted to Wicca, so I can make it rain using another system. Alternatively, I could simply alter the Wiccan system. 

As you already heard, chaos magicians borrow wildly from any school that they feel appropriate. The reason for this is that, as chaos magicians, we believe that "belief" in itself is the power that make magick work. Belief create gods, not the reverse. 

In my view, magick is based on chaos theory; the butterfly effect where a butterfly flapping it's wings here in Sweden creates a hurricane in Tokyo. Small local changes creates ripples that execute big changes far from the originating impulse. 

As a chaos mage i look for the lowest common denominator in all systems. There is no question that wiccans, hermetiscists, cabbalists, satanists, christians etc. using their belief system can perform magick. I now have a choice on what to believe. I can either believe the following to be true: 

1. The one God created the world and rules it. He is almighty. 
2. There is also a goddess and god (clearly a contradicion with 1) 
3. There are archangels and elementals and devils and demons and...and...and 

To me, that would be a truly confusing world. A world so crowded with beings that I'd have to fight my way through a wall of entities on my way to the supermarket. The second interpretation, that I prefer, is that there are a few common denominators that are shared among religions/disciplines and those make magick work regardless of system. This is the origin of chaos magick. Finding and using those common elements. 

In chaos magick, belief in itself is central. Not what we believe in. Belief in it's pure form (metabelief). The power of believing is what makes magick work. 

I never see magick as any form of tangible matter. Like force lines you tap into and refill yourself or like a mental bodyfluid internal to every human or item. I purely see it as a mental excersise performed by our subconsious. A verb only. Talismans, chants, sigils, servants and all that are only tools that I use for focus. A lense to direct my will through. Energy waves, dimensions or whatever you call them just form the infrastructure through which the magician works. This together forms a world model that I can let my subconsious work through. 

Why is that necessary? Can't I just imagine and work directly with the actual situation or person/thing I want to influence rather than an abstraction made up from stones, incenses and colors? I do it because the physical world is too contradictory and complex to deal with directly. Tools allow me to make an abstraction of the important parts in a situation that I want my subconscious to do something about.


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